About Pirombo

About Pirombo

Pirombo Bed & Breakfast Noordwijk Painting

The History of Pirombo Bed & Breakfast has been going back 100 years. It was built in 1920 as a summer villa for the family de Clercq from Leiden. In 1942, “de Zonnepit”, as the house was called, was confiscated by the Germans. After May 1945, Pico and Rombouts took over the house and called it “Pirombo”. They started a shelter for the victims of the 2nd World War. This was followed up by the Westra family, who took in mothers and children from Indonesia.

At the end of the 60-years, tourism started to come back to Noordwijk and several owners took over the B&B, each in their own way.

In the living room, all sorts of old elements of the original construction have been preserved, keeping the warm atmosphere. Every year we try to renovate a number of rooms so that there is always a renewal and modern touch. And always in the beach-style of Noordwijk. 

Pirombo B&B is located between Noordwijk aan Zee and Noordwijk-Binnen, between the bulb fields of Noordwijk. The view from the rooms towards the bulb fields and the Coepelduinen is spectacular in spring. The Beach on one side and the Old Village centre of Noordwijk-Binnen on the other side, are only 800 meters walking distance.