Your hosts

Your hosts

Jolanda Wendt Andries Pirombo

Hello dear guests! We are Andries and Jolanda Wendt. We started Pirombo B&B on October 21st, 1999. We also provided dinner for the first 10 years as Hotel Pirombo. From 2010 we switched to Pirombo Bed & Breakfast. With the start of Pirombo we took a leap of faith, because Andries had a sports café and was a football coach and Jolanda worked as an international assistant at EuroCross Emergency Center and was a Spanish translator.

We have three children: Emiel, Axel and Jonna, all three grew up in Pirombo B&B. One has already left the house and the other two children are still studying. They do not work at Pirombo, but do open the door for our guests and are happy to answer the questions asked by our guests.

Our house is attached to Pirombo B&B, and is therefore a continuous space, so that we are very involved with our guests. Coziness is our priority, as evidenced by the fact that 80% of our guests return to Pirombo B&B one day to relive the Pirombo feeling.

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We look forward to welcoming you soon!