Pirombo Bed & Breakfast celebrates her 100th year

Pirombo Noordwijk Bed & Breakfast 100 jaar

January 7, 2020 it is exactly 99 years ago (January 7, 1921) that the villa of Pirombo Bed & Breakfast has been built.

This is the wooden block that the contractor Noordwijkse Plug left behind. This is block still displayed in the beautiful carved wooden cabinet in the living room.

This year the villa will celebrate its 100th year!

The villa has a rich history and served many purposes. It has been a shelter for victims of the Second World War and the owners after that took care of mothers and children from Indonesia.

Pirombo Bed & Breakfast Noordwijk
Pirombo Bed & Breakfast Noordwijk 100 jaar

In the 60s, the villa has been transformed into a bed & breakfast. Jolanda and Andries Wendt, have been your hosts since 1999.

Pirombo B&B has retained many of its old elements, which can be seen in the living room, among other things. Because of this, the warm atmosphere in this beautifully maintained house is always preserved.

We look forward to welcoming you in a festive way to celebrate this milestone!


Jolanda and Andries Wendt

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